The Will Rogers Institute’s Brave Beginnings NICU grant program has awarded a $33,000 grant to Memorial Hospital Foundation to purchase a Giraffe Omnibed for Memorial Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).


“We truly appreciate the generosity of Will Rogers Institute’s Brave Beginnings NICU grant program,” said Wayne Laubmeier, Manager, Memorial NICU. “This piece of equipment will provide our team with the proper environment to treat critically-ill newborns.”


The Giraffe Omnibed, by GE Healthcare, is a combination system that brings together the features of both a traditional incubator and a radiant warmer. This supportive microenvironment creates an unsurpassed healing environment for intensively ill infants.


“When we learned that Memorial Hospital serves a six-county area with a total population of 500,000 residents, the majority of which are low-income, we knew we wanted to help”, said Todd Vradenburg, Executive Director, Will Rogers Foundation. “After seeing the need first-hand during our visit, we were committed to continue our support and do our part to help this community.”


In 2011, the Will Rogers Institute’s Brave Beginnings NICU grant program awarded Memorial Hospital Foundation a grant in the amount of $41,225 to purchase a jet ventilator. This jet ventilator has sustained the lives of over 65 micro preemies in the Memorial NICU.


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