society 46
Society 46

Since 1946, the providers of Memorial Hospital have helped build a better hospital and healthier community. You are the pillars of this hospital, and we rely on your strong and lasting support of the Foundation. When you join your fellow providers in making a pledge to the Foundation, you’ll broaden your scope of good in the community and secure a solid future for the hospital.

Society 46 members will also be invited to members only quarterly events. Join Society 46 today!

If you are a provider and would like to join Society 46, please fill out the PDF form for payroll deduction or check or the online form for credit card. You can also call Harry Kajdan at 865-3048 if you would like for us to pick up.

2022 Society 46 Members

Rainna Bahadur, MD
Andrea Barker, MD
Mallory Blakeslee, MD
Nathan Boles, MD
Mark Borchelt, MD
Jason Caswell, PA
Nicholas Conger, MD
Larry Couvillon, MD
Jimmy Dimitriades, MD
Bart Edminston, MD
Stephanie Fussell, MD
Mark Gilbert, MD
John Grady, MD
Richa Gupta, MD

Harry Hawney, MD
Olivia Hightower, MD
Brett Kathmann, MD
Inez M. Kelleher, MD
Barbara Kerby, NP
Sean Kerby, MD
David Kuhlmann, MD
Janus Kulpa, MD
David LaRosa, MD
Philip Levin, MD
Mousa Maalouf, MD
Paul Mace, MD
Biju Marath, MD
Samantha McGill, NP

Abha Mishra, MD
Paul Mullen, MD
Anne Musgrove, WHNP, FNP-BC
Fred Pakron, MD
John Pappas, MD
Carl Ramsey, MD
Antoine Rizk, MD
Diane Ross, MD
Matthew Safley, DO
Judith Smith, MD
Bobby Tullos, MD
Samir Tomajian, MD
Pamela Tuli, MD
Allison Wall, MD
Michael Wiederhold, MD
Angela Wingfield, MD

Thank you for your support!