Your Impact

As a donor to the Memorial Hospital Foundation, you make a difference in our hospital, our patients and our community!

Below is the impact you’ve made during our fiscal year 2016-2017.

  • Diagnostic Imaging

    • $41,662.20 spent to assist 193 special needs patients with mammograms, ultrasounds, and biopsies through the Breast Imaging Special Needs Fund
    • $2,651.28 donated to MHG from Pink Ribbon Crusaders Fund to purchase a wheelchair, lead shield, and scanners for Women’s Diagnostic Center
  •  Neuroscience & Rehab (ThinkFirst Community Program)

    • 241 bicycle helmets distributed to children
    • 75 ATV helmets distributed to children
    • 331 life jackets distributed children
  • Oncology Services

    • $31,561.21 spent to assist 214 patients with medications, travel, nutrition assistance, and other special needs through the Oncology Patient Special Needs Fund
    • $14,873.25 spent to assist 10 breast cancer patients with co-insurance, co-pays, and deductibles through the Favre 4 Hope Breast Cancer Fund
    • $1,134.13 spent to cover the costs of Chemo Certification expenses for an MHG pharmacy technician
  • Employee Support

    • $6,000 in scholarships awarded to 6 MHG employee dependents through the Burdonne Young Scholarship Fund
    • $7,818.85 spent to assist 17 employees through the Employee Crisis Fund
  • Women & Children Services

    • $2,725.92 spent to assist 40 pediatric and NICU patients and their families with prescription medications, transportation, and durable medical equipment through the Randall Speck Pediatric Special Needs Fund
    • $38,556.11 donated to MHG to purchase Panda warmers for Labor & Delivery
    • $81,400.00 donated to MHG to purchase a retinopathy camera for the NICU
    • $5,093.12 donated to MHG to purchase asthma education resources and supplies
  • Heart Services

    • $9,620.00 donated to MHG to purchase seated elliptical machines for Cardiac Rehab and the Fitness Center
  • Emerging Needs

    • $44,982.00 donated to MHG to purchase medical evacuation stair chairs
    • $906.30 donated to MHG to purchase reclining phlebotomy chairs for Laboratory
    • $22,000.00 donated to MHG to purchase a Site-Rite Ultrasound System for the ICU
    • $1,742.97 donated to MHG to purchase a STAXI Ranger wheelchair for Outpatient Surgery Center


Thank you for your support!