Your Impact

As a donor of the Memorial Hospital Foundation, you make an impact on our hospital, in the lives of our patients and our community!


2019 Impact

Met the needs of cancer patients in our community 1,200 times with medication & transportation assistance through our Oncology Fund

Provided 120 women in our community with mammograms through our Breast Imaging Fund

Provided 37 children in our community with medication & transportation assistance through our Randall Speck Pediatric Fund

Gave 900 children in our community life jackets and helmets through our ThinkFirst program

Provided Transportation & nutritional assistance to NICU parents  through our NICU Fund

Provided Ostomy supplies to patients in our community  through our Lori A. Sneed Ostomy Fund

Purchased Neonatal Fluidized Positioners  for our NICU patients

Purchased Sentec Digital Transcutaneous CO2 Monitor  for our pediatric patients

Purchased 6 Infant Carrier Car Seats for NICU patients

Purchased Sonicu Sound Monitoring System for NICU patients

Thank you for your support!