Burdonne Young Scholarship Fund

Burdonne Young Scholarships 2024 application is now available. Only CHILDREN of Memorial employees who will be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate or graduate student at a college or university in the fall of 2024 are eligible to apply. We will award six $1,500 scholarships. Applications must be submitted online by April 26th at noon. 

Emma Burdonne Young - 1914-2009Emma Burdonne Young

Burdonne Young’s decision to become a nurse was apparently the right choice because it is a career to which she devoted over 50 years.
Born in Woolmarket, MS, Young received her nurses training at the Old Biloxi Hospital. In 1951, she was employed by Memorial Hospital, which was then located at the CB Base. She started as a charge nurse in the surgical unit, and was promoted within three months. She served as Director of Nurses from September 1960 to December 1965. She then assumed the position of administrative supervisor until 1984. In 1972, Ms. Young was elected as Employee of the Year at MHG. She retired in September 1984 only to return 5 years later in 1990. On her “second go-around”, Ms. Young received the Donald Evans Sutter Award from the MHG Development Foundation for her service to MHG and the community. She was affectionately known as “Ms. Memorial.” In fact, her license plate read “Ms MHG.” She served on the Donald Evans Sutter Award Board, and was a member of the Memorial Auxiliary, Coast District Nurses Association, and American Nurses Association. Ms. Young was a member of Coalville United Methodist Church. On April 15, 2010, the Memorial Hospital Foundation received a check in the amount of $596,457.09 from the Estate of Ms. Emma Burdonne Young. Ms. Young’s bequest is the largest give by an individual to the Memorial Hospital Foundation. In 2011, Ms. Young was inducted into the Mississippi Nurses’ Association Hall of Fame.

Today her legacy lives on through the Burdonne Young Scholarship Fund. In 2001, this fund was established to award college scholarships to dependents of Memorial Hospital employees. Scholarships are awarded to education in a healthcare related field and a non- healthcare related field.

Award Recipients

  • 2001 – Cory Hutto and Maria Bui
  • 2002 – Ricky Greer, Jr. and Eric Hutto
  • 2003 – Jessica Platz and Nathaniel “Nate” Collidge
  • 2004 – Valarie Regaliza and Jackson Switzer
  • 2005 – Jacob Newberry and Nora Thoa Oliver
  • 2006 – David Quiqley and Steven Bayne
  • 2007 – Melissa Moon, Brittany Coolidge, Dylan Black and Ratessiea Lett
  • 2008 – Chase Richardson, Danielle Gargiulo, Kaitlyn Stovall and Michael Shore
  • 2009 – Jessica Boger, Ricky Floyd II, Eric Cloyd-Simcoe, Jasmin Kirkwood
  • 2010 – Garrett Wright, Kristopher Chandler, Chase Lunsford, Lisa Shoemaker
  • 2011 – Brittany Bright, Patrick Stovall, Meghan Lind, Shelby Gable
  • 2012 – Nicholas Develte, John-Paul Drouilhet, Jamie Hanna and Tori Wilson
  • 2013 – Morgan Appel, Cody Austin, Bridget Kirkwood, Bruce Kirkwood, Kara Morrison, and Victoria Wilson
  • 2014 – Hannah Fitzpatrick, Tayla Mckinney, Haley Mount, Hannah Oliver, Kaitlynn Snow and Teneala Spencer
  • 2015 – Alex Denette, Elizabeth Haney, Zachary Ladner, Emily Malley, Tanner Nielson and Sarah Rimmer
  • 2016 – Carter Allen, Katlynn Blankinchip, Jessalyn Davis, Nolan Gangemi, Courtney Ladner and Kolby Wesson
  • 2017 – Madeline Appel, Amanda Taylor Chambliss, Virginia Madison King, Aaron H. Mallette, Christiana Ogletree and Allyson Maria Perkins
  • 2018 – Reece Bowen, Jaden Jones, Brennan Ladner, Elaine Morrow, Nickolas Murray and Avion Swanier
  • 2019 – Keon Barney, Brandon Martin, Kayla McNair, Elijah Michael “EJ” Ray, Kearsten Shaw and Logan Virgilio
  • 2020 – Spencer Davitt Hammond, Kaitlyn Nicole Hazen, Demetria Labat, Christian Manganti, Aniyah Oliver and Jacob Wilson
  • 2021 – Emily Callender, Kaleb Holliman, Danielle McFadden, Angelina Miller, Ella Mitchell and Delaney Price
  • 2022 – Jackson LeBlanc, Laila Melton, Eve Necaise, Quinton Triplett, Anaya Vaughn and Nyla Wormley
  • 2023 – Bailey Albrecht, Zoie Clark, Raven Dickerson, Kenneth Gordon, Aidan Peckinpaugh and Jurnee Wright