Did a doctor, nurse, other staff member or volunteer make a difference in your care or the care of a loved one at Memorial Hospital? You can say thanks by making a donation to the Memorial Hospital Foundation in his or her name as part of the Foundation’s Guardian Angel Program. Recognize your Guardian Angel today by making a donation of your choosing and writing a brief note describing the care they provided. Guardian Angels receive a pin they can wear with pride as well as the note you provide. You can recognize your Guardian Angel online through the link below or mail to PO Box 940, Gulfport, MS 39502-0940.



To get further information regarding this program contact:

Kathryn Moran
Donor Marketing Specialist

Memorial’s Guardian Angels

2018 Guardian Angels

Barbara R. Higgins, FNP-BC, Dr. Allison Wall, Dr. Arthur Black, Dr. Bassam Baroudi, Dr. Belinda Alexander, Dr. Christie Devlin-Schroll,
Dr. D. Champ Weeks, Dr. Jedd Seigerman, Dr. John Pappas, Falon Sisson, NP, Jessica Dedeaux, RN, Kyla Saucier, RN, Laurie Quave, NP,
Patrice Wilber, NP, Preethi Harrison, PA, Sondra Johnson, RN, Brittany Zengarling, RN, Dr. Joseph Graham, Dr. Mousa Maalouf, Dr. Antoine Rizk, Dr. David LaRosa, Dr. Richard Tilley, Dr. John Douglas, Dr. Paige White, Dr. Craig Dawkins, Dr. Lainie Jorns, Dr. Thomas Blanks,
Dr. Wakkas Tayara, Stacie Ramsey, NP, Dr. Nathan Boles, Dr. Jimmy Dimitriades, Dr. Irene Koskan, Dr. Lee Voulters, Dr. Halvor Hem,
Dr. David Reeves, Kelly Love, RN, Trudy Lee, RN, Shana Brown, RN, Tequila Williams, Barbara Kerby, CFNP, Bobby Lambert,
Carol Ann Hartery, RN, Christopher “Scott” Scites, MST, Dr. Abha Mishra, Dr. Ginny Blalack, Dr. Jacob Jorns, Dr. Jesse Penico,
Dr. Keith Goodfellow, Dr. Miguel Melgar, Dr. Nabil Azar, Dr. P.V. Pande, Dr. Pamela Tuli, Dr. Paul Matherne, Dr. Paul Mullen, Dr. Sean Kerby,
Dr. Walter Surowiec, Lauren Killeen, RN, Lezlie Mathews, FNP-BC, Morgan Smith, RN, ONellis Stanford, FNP, Samantha Beckham, RN,
Amanda Miller, NP, Karen Zipper, RN, Nicole Alexander, RN, Sam Owen, MD and Sandra Jenkins, RN.